Laundry pick up and delivery for busy parents

You spend time with your kids while we do your laundry

How It Works

Step 1: Schedule is available 6 days a week between 5pm and 8pm. Schedule a pickup anytime at or by calling 604-409-8282.

Step 2: Pickup

Your friendly Yoza Valet will arrive between 5pm-8pm to pick up your laundry and note any special instructions. The laundry will be weighed and payment collected.

Step 3: Deliver does your laundry, folds your clothes, and drops it off after 2-3 days. We follow the care label to ensure the best results.

Why Us

Yoza is a result of a new mom’s appreciation of how much laundry little people produce

When I first came home with my new baby, I was full of excitement, I felt complete, until my partner who had taken three weeks off work had to go back to work. This was when it all dawned on me. In as much as I had help from family and friends, I often felt overwhelmed with laundry because once I put it in the washer, it would be a matter of time before I had to transfer it into the dryer, and then a matter of time before I had to fold it. I felt as if my time was being consumed by laundry and I was getting tired before mid day.

This was when I started to talk to other mothers about how they felt about laundry. It turns out I wasn’t alone. The all had different strategies but one theme was the same, doing laundry was draining. We started Yoza to help parents reclaim their most precious commodity - time!


One simple price

$2.50 per pound*

*10 pound minimum per pickup

Schedule A Pick-Up

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